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Thursday, January 16, 2014

How To Make Your Own Saltwater Aquarium - 4 Practical Tips

1. Getting a customized Saltwater aquarium and its inmates is the dream of many who love fishy friends, but knowing you can learn a thing or two from the experts can help reduce the cost of buying a custom-made one. You can buy the tank for storing your saltwater fish easily enough from the local pet store and chalk out a tentative budget for your project to include ornamentation and accessories for it.

2. Cleaning out the aquarium is the first step after buying the tank; it is equally important to cleanse the different parts with freshwater (minus soft) with a soft cloth to rid them of dust and chemicals that may have built-up during storage, which may harm the fish.

3. Set the tank on a steady stand a little away from a wall so electrical cords and the plug outlet is accessible without the risk of causing any accidents as periodic cleaning and feeding the fish will be required. Keep a soft dusting cloth handy near the aquarium to control condensation from the saltwater tank as this can damage the stand. After ensuring level installation, fill the tank with store-bought saltwater or you can prepare a solution of your own. Run all tank equipment for a couple of days to test proper functioning and to judge saline, pH and temp levels of the tank water for the species of marine fish you intend to keep in the tank.

4. After the tank water conditions have been tested, you can move to the final level i.e. aquarium landscaping by removing about half of the water to decorate it with plants, fronds and rocks etc. as reducing water levels helps make landscaping easier. After this has been attended to, you can once again replace the water marked previously by you as being the fill-line measure. (Use a permanent marker for this).

It is strongly recommended that to begin keeping an aquarium, a minimum one-month period be kept aside to determine the ammonia level of the water and the conditions being favorable for the kind of marine fish you want to keep in it; you can choose to do this with the saltwater fish kept inside or minus them.

Do not use an ammonia reducer as this will require you to go over the same process again in order to determine the ammonia content in your tank's living conditions and rob you of precious time in which you can lie back and enjoy your marine friends swimming about!

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