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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Caring For Aquarium Fish - Some Useful Tips

If you have recently purchased your aquarium from a pet shop chances are that the system was fully set up for you. Such an aquarium will in all probability be self sufficient and can take care of itself for extended periods of time. However, it is important to know how to take care of your aquarium manually too. It is important to keep a tab on the water conditions of the aquarium. The type of fish you keep in the tank as well as the kind and quantity of water plants in the tank play an important role in keeping the water clean and the fish healthy.

Many tropical fish are used to living in softwater, tetras for example thrive in rain water. This means that the water has got to be as near to purity as possible. This is why it is important to get a hold of a hydrometer to test the hardness of the tank water frequently. This is easily available from any fish store. If you find that the water is getting hard it is best that you add some fresh water to the tank at regular intervals after removing some of the out of the tank.

So how do you go about avoiding the hardening of water?
First of all do not use limestone as a lining at the bottom of the tank. This is a sure way of hardening the water and is a resort used in saltwater tanks. Regularly test the water for hardness as explained above. Add fresh water to the tank to soften the water regularly. When you notice white deposits on the aquarium glass it is an indication that the water is hardening. While testing the pH of the water with a hydrometer remember that the natural level of the pH is 7. Try to maintain this level.

Try not to keep the aquarium too crowded with aquatic plants. Fish need freedom to dart around or cruise and the plants do tend to get in their way. besides this you cannot enjoy the full pleasure of the fish as the plants tend to hide them from view.

Keep the temperature of the water at 20 degrees. This is a comfortable level and the fish will stay healthy and lively. There are automatic heaters available at the local pet store and you can get yourself a handy one at a very reasonable price. These heaters are set to maintain the temperature of the water automatically so you do not have to worry.

You must also get your tank a water filter. This is a pumping mechanism that sucks water into the tank and sends it through a membrane filter. It cleans the water very effectively and needs to be manually cleaned with boiled water at regular intervals like once in 6 weeks. Remember not to over clean the filter as the bacteria on it is important. this bacteria helps in cleaning the water of fish excreta.

The water filter serves two other important purposes as well. It circulates the water in the tank and splashes the surface of the water constantly allowing the water to absorb oxygen.

If you have all this in your tank and you know know to take care of the instruments your fish will be happier, healthier and your tank will look good longer.

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