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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aquarium Fish Care Tips - Different Varieties Revealed

Markets are a resource of a variety of fishes including the freshwater, coldwater and tropical fishes. Apart from these one can also find the saltwater and Seawater fishes. People who have written about fishes have pointed out to the saltwater fish also called the damsels as a species which are one of the top starter fishes. What they must know is that there are around 22000 species of fishes suitable for the fish tanks and some of these fishes are ideal for starters even more so than those damsels. It takes more effort in maintaining salt water fishes. water conditions and feeding patterns have to be carefully monitored. In order to settle on the ideal fish for starters one has to learn about fishes in general. In this article, we will look into fresh water fish even as we know starters are nicer with coldwater and freshwater fishes.

Shark fish which is black in colour and has a red tail is called Labeo Bicolor. Thailand is the home of this fish which grows to a maximum of 4.5 inches. Labeo Bicolor is shaped like a torpedo and is vary popular because of the way it looks. Just like the shark, this fish has a dorsal which looks like a flag and complements its silvery colour.This fish which is black in colour feels velvety and has a red tail which gives it a different look. This fish is not suited to be kept in tanks as known from one of its traits. One such trait is the yellow and orange caudal fins. This fish is very friendly though which makes it an ideal candidate for aquariums maintained by communities.

Just like the sucker which cleans the glass of the tank and the plants kept in them with the help of its mouth suitable to this job, the Labeo Bicolor also carries out similar responsibilities in the communal aquariums where they are kept. They thus are happy in communal waters but do not tolerate fishes from other families. Being a forager Labeo lives on algae and other foodstuff. Labeo is not fussy about the condition of water and makes sure the tank is sparkling clean at all times. One important thing to be noted though is that if one chooses to go in for this fish, he or she must make sure other fishes in the tank are those which can effectively adapt to the same living conditions. There are fishes that will easily adapt to acidic waters which are soft and there are those others which will adapt to alkaline waters which are hard. It is advisable to go through every detail regarding the nature and habits of this fish before going in for purchasing them for your aquarium.

One more breed of fishes which grow up to one and a half inches in size and feature olive or brown skins are the White Cloud Mountain Minnows or the Tanichthys Albonubes. These fishes have their origin in the White Cloud Mountain rivers in China and Canton.This fish has attractive stripes which goes all the way to the snout and roots of the caudal or the peduncle of the tail. Its adjusting nature and preference for all types of food stuff make the White Cloud Fish best suited for communal tanks. Water conditions can be neutral or hard for this species of fish. Ideal temperature would be about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, definitely not 70 degree Fahrenheit. Though a lot of fishes of other species generally prefer a temperature of 80 degrees, the White Cloud Mountain are the cold water types. Males of this species are not as plump as their female counterpart.

Breeding the White Cloud
If you have ever bred the Brachydanio, then you can breed the White Cloud Fish in the same way. Brachydanios including Rerio require you to line the bottom of the aquarium with pebbles of one and a half inch diameter. You must make sure water is not more than three inches deep. These fish are happier in longer aquariums.

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