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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aquarium Cabinets - Various Types Explained

Cabinets for aquariums are got mostly when you purchase the tank itself. The cabinet's size determines the tank size. Most of the time the cabinets prove to be the stands for the tank. Cabinets also usually have a cupboard below where the tank is kept. This place is ideal for storage, of those items that you do not use too often like for example, ornaments, spare heaters, filters, and also food for the fish in case of it being the flake variety otherwise food alone should be stored in the freezer.

The aquarium cabinets come in different sizes and dimensions, different colours and you may even get one custom built to suit you or you can have a cabinet for a certain category of fish collecting. Ones that are custom made are pretty expensive even though it fits your requirements. The generic ones are also in different colours and sizes. They are made to bear any tank size so they generally stretch about 6 feet long and are made from maple or pine, the style generally followed is the cupboard with many shelves.

These cabinets are commonly available in all stores. But in case of large cabinets it would be ideal to go to a specialised store and not the pet local store. These cabinets are used mostly for decoration purposes as placing the tank on other things would be a bad sight and they are also dangerous. The cabinet adds to the look by making the set up more spicy and happening.

A custom made cabinet is vastly different from the generic cabinets. The custom ones are tailor made to suit your needs. The size, colour, shelves or drawers etc. it takes anything between four to five weeks to get one done this would depend on the dimensions and the style of the cabinet you want to build. But be it a custom or a generic one, the cabinet must add to the beauty of the aquarium! Though they are costly, it is worth the amount you spend on them!

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